Commercial Loans

Commercial and Business Loans
We provide vital capital for predominantly the small and medium sized business. Each case can be considered against criteria other than audited accounts and detailed projections – information that is increasingly costly and less relevant for small and medium sized businesses.

Our process is geared towards being simple, quick and flexible. Our mortgage products are available with terms up to 30 years, generally up to 79% LTV (for transactions up to £500k). 100% advances can be made with additional security (either residential or commercial property) from the borrower. Early repayment charges apply.

The product can be used for any purpose including:

New business start-ups
Short term finance and debt consolidation
Business turnaround solutions
Raising working capital
Property improvement
We provide term finance on properties including:

Pubs, restaurants, take-away units

Shops and shops with living accommodation
Hotels, guest houses, B&Bs, holiday lets
Industrial units, factories, offices, warehouses
For borrowers looking to raise between £50k and £2m.

10 - 30 Year Terms Available. Commercial loan Products are available at a margin of between 2.5% and 5% over libor depending upon the LTV and borrower status



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